Wellbeing starts with a healthy body and mind. Beyond having pearly whites by practising good oral hygiene, keeping our teeth, gums and mouth healthy ensures a healthy body, too! Here, we share the importance of dental hygiene and how to incorporate good practices into your daily lives for overall well-being. 

The importance of dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is important to ensure a healthy mouth, gums, and teeth. Although most of the germs in our mouths are harmless, excess bacteria in our mouths on our enamel or around our gums can cause tooth decay and gum disease. 

If these are left untreated, more severe symptoms, such as tooth loss, spread of infection, and bone degeneration, can progress. Fortunately, following a daily dental hygiene routine and going for regular dental check-ups can prevent or treat these problems early on. 

Besides tooth decay, gum diseases, and smelly breath, preserving your oral health contributes to a healthy body.

The link between oral and overall health 

Even though we may not realise it, a healthy mouth ensures a healthy body. How can dental hygiene ensure good health? We all have bacteria in our mouths, and most of these are friends and not foes, these bacteria populations can multiply and affect our overall health if we don’t regularly practice dental hygiene. If these bacteria populations become abundant, they can enter our bloodstream via the mouth and infect other parts of the body. 

The mouth is connected to both the digestive tract and the respiratory tract. If these germs travel into other organs of the body, they can cause disease. 

Research has found poor oral health as a contributor to various diseases including: 

Good oral care can prevent these germs from multiplying and ensure good overall health!

The benefits of oral hygiene 

As we have seen, regular dental hygiene controls the germs in our mouths and prevents any disease within the mouth or the rest of the body. Oral hygiene has many other benefits, too: 

Oral hygiene routine 

Do you have a daily oral hygiene routine? Protect your teeth and gums and look after yourself by incorporating these oral hygiene practices: 

Visit My New Smile 

Good oral hygiene ensures healthy teeth, gums, mouth and body. Prioritise your health by making regular check-ups and cleaning appointments, and if you have any concerns, a reputable dentist can help you on your well-being journey! At My New Smile, we are committed to providing expert and quality care so you can walk through life with a brighter, happier smile. Book your visit now.

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